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          Glasgow aims to be carbon neutral by 2030

          7th October 2019

          Glasgow has been set a target of becoming a carbon neutral city by 2030 following a decision of the council’s City Administration Committee.

          The decision marks the council’s formal acceptance of a key recommendation in the recent report by the city’s Climate Emergency Working Group, which set out 61 recommendations on how the council and the city as a whole should tackle climate change.

          It follows the council’s declaration of a climate emergency in May this year and also means that a previous target of net zero carbon emissions has been brought forward by seven years.

          Councillors also agreed that an implementation plan that outlines how the council intends to respond to the 61 recommendations made by the working group should be delivered by April next year.

          502 Bad Gateway

          502 Bad Gateway

          She said: “The working group was given a significant task with a short timescale, and so I must thank Councillor Wardrop for providing thoughtful leadership and focus throughout.


          Full details of all the recommendations can be found via the paper presented at the City Administration Committee

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